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Women for Women International - Bosnia and Herzegovina programme participant.


Read the stories of some of the incredible women survivors of war that Women for Women International supports. Every woman who enrols in our programme has her own unique story of resilience and hope.

You can help to shine a light on the realities facing women in conflict zones – and their remarkable potential - by sharing these women’s stories with your friends and networks.

Sustainable Change Starts with Women

In their own words and through their inspiring stories, women affected by war and conflict remind us of their strength and determination to overcome the most daunting challenges.

We reach out to women who are often left behind – those who struggle with poverty and violence, who are denied basic education and health care, and who suffer greatly from conflict. The women we serve tell us that through our programmes, they find new opportunities to strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities.

Meet our programme participants


In July 1995, men and boys were massacred in Srebrenica during the genocide in Bosnia. Fazila lost male relatives but knew she had to rebuild her life for the sake of her daughter and the women in her community.

My Name is Saratu

Saratu, our programme participant from Nigeria shares her experience of escaping Boko Haram, learning about health, business and gender equality and building a better life for herself and her family.


We Are "Hanya"

Women entrepreneurs in Iraq are preventing the spread of COVID-19.


My name is Hassana

Hassana escaped Boko Haram and lost almost everything. Since joining Women for Women International she has learnt business skills and started earning her own income, improved her and her family's health and gained hope for a better future.


Our neighbour knocked at the door and asked ‘Why are you not escaping?’ She told us that they are kidnapping girls and killing men, so we decided to run away and not take anything with us.


I was alone and had to take care of the children who were all very young at the time. I couldn’t imagine them growing without their father around. He was the one who provided for them.

My Name is Cinama

After graduating from our 12 month programme in the Democractic Republic of Congo, Cinama went on to start her own brickmaking business. She now shares her knowledge with other women and is looked up to as a role model.



Joining the Women for Women International programme was the biggest change in my life. I found myself. I was convinced that I was alone, the only person who had experienced such difficulties.


During the sessions on decision-making and women’s rights, my eyes were opened. It made me appreciate myself more as a human being.


One of my friends told me about Women for Women International and how it provided training for women. That’s when I learned that I wasn’t alone in my suffering. There are other women, who have the same pain.



Bosnia and Herzegovina

The programme gave me the courage and the skills I needed. Other women encouraged me and gave me new ideas. I am proud to say I am a beekeeper. It gives me a lot of self-confidence.


I know that I should take courage because I survived a hard situation. Every day, I have to wake up and pray and say, thank you God, for I’m still alive. It was hard but now I’m here.


I will continue mobilising other women in the community in utilising the lessons I have learned, and I hope many more of them will be part of the training.