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Nasima's story

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My Name is Nasima

When we resumed our Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme in Afghanistan in January 2022, women like Nasima could continue learning the skills they need to help them rebuild their lives.

Twelve years ago, my family and I came from Pakistan to Afghanistan. We are 14 people in total, and I must confess that life hasn't been easy for us. My father was very sick, he couldn't walk, and we struggled to make a living here. 

My brother tried to drive a neighbour's rickshaw, who paid him a daily budget in return, but this money wasn't even enough to feed us. That's when I heard about Women for Women International.

Woman sewing
Photo credit: Women for Women International

Registering for the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Since I started the training, I've learned basic math and how to save money, and I chose tailoring as my vocational track. At that time, though, I couldn't afford to buy a sewing machine.

Thanks to Women for Women International and my trainers, I now know how to sew beautiful dresses. Moreover, with the lessons I had about savings, I could save a portion of the stipends I was receiving from the programme to buy my own sewing machine.  

Likewise, when the programme was resumed in January, I could use the extra cash we received to buy food for my family. In fact, it was essential for us after a challenging moment of economic loss we were facing in the country.

Again, Women for Women International was there for me, helping me thrive.

Today, I feel like a fortunate person. I have started sewing dresses which I can sell and generate income for my family. I have my own business, and I have become a self-sufficient woman. I'm very thankful for this programme, all the trainers I had, and everyone who supports this work to happen. 

Women for Women International's work in Afghanistan is generously supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery.

*The name of the participant has been changed for her privacy or security.

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