Women in war-torn countries bear the brunt of both poverty and conflict. To reach women in their most critical moments, Women for Women International works with partners who can urgently respond to conflict.

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Conflict Response Fund

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Working with local partners to respond to the critical needs of women survivors of war


Around the world, more countries are experiencing some form of violent conflict than at any other time in the last 30 years. From Afghanistan to Syria, Nigeria to Yemen, women suffer the most in a conflict. They are forced to flee their homes to escape violence and routinely face the threat of sexual violence in the form of rape, forced marriage, and sexual slavery. Increasingly, women and girls are targeted by the use of sexual violence as a tactic of war.  

We believe that stronger women build stronger nations and that with access to knowledge, resources, and a support network, one woman can transform her life, her family, her community, and even the world. 

Conflict Response Fund

Women for Women International primarily serves women survivors of conflict and war in eight countries where we’ve established dedicated offices and staff to deliver our year-long Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme.  

We also recognise women need urgent support when caught in the midst of conflict.  

In 2018, we launched our Conflict Response Fund in order to act quickly and invest in women in emerging conflict zones around the world. Through a non-partisan approach and responsive grants, Women for Women International is able to track crises in real time, identify credible partners on the ground and allocate resources to meet the urgent needs of women survivors, no matter what side of a conflict they are on.

Current partners

Through our Conflict Response Fund we are providing displaced women in Burkina Faso with access to social and economic resources to sustain their livelihoods in their host communities.

Through our Conflict Response Fund, we are providing women and girls the resources to combat food insecurity, achieve economic resilience, and achieve holistic healing as survivors of violence. 

Through our Conflict Response Fund we have so far identified two local women's rights organisations, Zenab for Women in Development and Sudanese Organisation for Research and Development whom we are partnering with to meet the most urgent needs of women.

Through the Conflict Response Fund, we invested in opportunities for Syrian women and girls to learn new skills and rebuild their lives. 

We’ve teamed up with local organisations in Ukraine and in Poland to provide women survivors with holistic and comprehensive care, including psychosocial support, counselling services as well as skill-based training. 

Past partners

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As the Syrian civil war enters its tenth year, women and children continue to be hit the hardest. Learn how we partnered with local organisation with Women Now for Development to launch a training programme to support internally displaced women in Idlib, Syria.


Through the Conflict Response Fund, we are embarking on a mission to reach women and adolescent girls in Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar. Learn more about our project objectives and how you can offer your support.