Sheiran, 32 (left) and Kabira, 38 (right) are sisters both originally from Afrin (Rojava, Syria). Sheiran fled Afrin in Dec 2012 and Kabira came 8 months after. They both now live in sheltered accommodation in Mamwaza and regularly attend the trainings.

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Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme participants in Rwanda. Photo: Serrah Galos
Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme participants in Rwanda. Photo: Serrah Galos

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The amount of forcibly displaced people has reached a staggering number—nearly 80 million according to UNHCR—and the number only continues to increase. This World Refugee Day, learn about the state of refugees today.


In remembrance of the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda. We reflect on how women have rebuilt their lives with the help and support of each other, finding friendships and community. In the aftermath of conflict, they have found hope.


We asked Ruth to share what inspired her and the team to come together and complete their very own 500 for 500 challenge in support of women survivors of war.


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