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Josephine - Nigeria

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My name is Josephine

aged 31, mother of 3 and now a proud farmer and business owner - this is Josephine's story of success and self-reliance.

Josephine with her children
Photo credit: Women for Women International

I lost my father when I was an infant and my mother in May 2020. I am 31 years old, married, and a mother of three children (two boys and a girl).

I was forced to marry my husband because of an unplanned pregnancy when I was 17. My husband and I have been maize and potato farming since he lost his construction job in 2015.

For the past six years, life has not been easy - especially for me as I was never engaged in farming growing up. Though my husband has been understanding about my poor farming skills and ability, I never felt comfortable that I am the only one who cannot farm among women in the community.

I decided to join Women for Women International’s Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme after we were informed by the local chief about the programme.

The impact was swift - every training was informative and motivating. I learnt to be proactive in engaging in self-dependency. 

The aspects of the business training sessions I enjoyed were how to identify a business opportunity, raising business capital and the power of starting small to grow.

Josephine in her poultry house
Photo credit: Women for Women International

While trading was my vocational skill choice, I also decided to learn about poultry farming.

My desire was to maximise the opportunity to learn to expand my income-generating sources. When demonstration chickens were supplied to poultry groups, I also stocked 40 broiler chickens. After selling the first batch of 40 chickens, I stocked additional 100 day-old chickens.

I am grateful to Women for Women International for reviving my hope from a very unclear path and putting me on the path of growth.

My husband really appreciates me and has been giving me the necessary support by taking care of the children, as well as my poultry birds anytime I am away on business trips.



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