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Sabina - Bosnia and Herzegovina

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My Name is Sabina

Sabina was two years into high school when war broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was never able to return and finish her education.

“I was always ashamed because of this. After I married, I just stayed home and took care of my family and mother-in-law.”

All of that changed when Sabina enrolled in the Women for Women International programme. She was connected to a network of women through her training group, and learned how to share her thoughts and feelings with others.

Sabina received training in beekeeping, and now keeps bees for producing wax and honey.

This was always my dream. The programme gave me the courage and the skills I needed. Other women encouraged me and gave me new ideas. I am proud to say I am a beekeeper. It gives me a lot of self-confidence.

Sabina believes that it is crucial for women to have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills. 

“Education and the opportunity to earn an income are the wind at your back. Many women don’t know how they can make change until someone shows them and motivates them.”

Sabina is inspired by the courage and resilience of a woman she has known for many years, her husband’s cousin, Huma. 

Huma’s husband died in a car accident and she was left with two young children. She found a job as a cook and gave up everything to provide a good upbringing and education for her children. She has built a home, and her children have become successful. Huma is my inspiration. Whenever I have a problem, I remember her and she inspires me to succeed and deal with any challenge.

For reasons of security and privacy, we are using a photo of a different Women for Women International graduate to represent the woman in the story.

Photo: Amelia Troubridge

Our work in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Women for Women International was founded in 1993 by Zainab Salbi and Amjad Atallah to offer financial and emotional support to women displaced by the Bosnian War. Today, Žene za Žene International Association Sarajevo continues this work as an independent organisation, and in affiliation with Women for Women International, helps women create economic opportunities and strengthen their civic engagement.


With the right skills and knowledge, women have the power to transform their lives, their families and their communities.

By investing in women, we invest in a better world.