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Nanbam is 40 years old. She lives in Pushit, Nigeria with her husband and five children. Nanbam joined the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme in 2016, after hearing about it through her church. Before joining the programme, Nanbam sold second-hand clothes which earned a small amount of money.

Namban with her children
Nanbam with her children. Photo credit: Monilekan

During the programme, Nanbam chose piggery as her vocational skill. She saved up her stipend to purchase two pigs, which live in a small pen in her yard. 

My plan is to fatten up the pigs, and then breed them. I want to produce lots of piglets! I will give some of the piglets to other women.

Nanbam with her pigs she purchased using her stipend. Photo: Monilekan
Nanbam with her pigs she purchased using her stipend. Photo: Monilekan

I want to help other women the way I have been helped. This was the essence of what I learnt at Women for Women International. They taught us to help others.


Nanbam. Photo: Monilekan


Support a woman survivor of war through our year-long Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme. Your solidarity will help her use her voice, realise her power and rebuild her life.

Women marching on International Women's Day in Nigeria. Photo credit: Sunday Alamba.

Our work in Nigeria

Women are stronger together, but they are facing multiple challenges in Nigeria. With limited access to health services and education, patriarchal norms, and mounting violence, Nigerian women struggle to gain economic opportunities and equality. Common discriminatory practices, amplified by extremist groups, subject women and girls to dangers, including forced early marriage and the possibility they will face violence for going to school.