Our impact

Our programme helps women to build skills, knowledge and resources so that they can forge their own path and achieve long term security and self-reliance. Women are supported to start businesses, build support networks, and to take on leadership roles in their communities.

Results show that in just one year, women are able to make significant and measurable improvements in their lives, and deliver lasting impact for their families and communities.

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Our impact

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Areas of impact

As each woman participates in our year-long programme, she works to strengthen herself across four critical areas of social and economic empowerment. Here are just a few of the many changes a sample of our graduates report seeing in their lives over three years.

Women earn and save money
Photo: Charles Lomodong

Women earn and save money

Why it matters: Learning how to earn money, receiving a monthly stipend, and setting aside savings gives women the ability to provide for their family's needs and invest in a new future.

What our graduates report: Women’s daily earnings more than doubled, from an average of $1.91 at enrolment to $5.32 upon graduation. In addition, the percentage of women saving a portion of their earnings increased by 58% by graduation.

Photo: Women for Women International
Photo: Women for Women International

Women Develop Health and Well-being

Why it matters: Basic health education and connecting with local care providers enables women to best protect their and their family's well-being.

What our graduates report: When asked about their knowledge of concepts around healthy practices and overall wellbeing before the programme, women scored as low as 62 percent. By graduation, women demonstrate improvements in their knowledge with the average score increasing to 77 percent.

Programme in Kosovo
Photo: Hazel Thompson


Why it matters: Education on household issues allows women to better influence the decisions that affect their families.

What our graduates report: More women said they discussed community issues with other women - 70 percent at graduation, compared to 46 percent at enrolment.

Photo: Hazel Thompson
Photo: Hazel Thompson

Connecting to support networks

Why it matters: When a woman joins the programme, she comes together with 24 other women, forming a tight support group that helps to break the isolation caused by war and insecurity.

What our graduates report: Women’s participation in savings groups increased more than fivefold by graduation (from 10 to 55 per cent), enabling women increased access to loans and a stronger support system of their peers.

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The women we serve tell us that through our programmes, they find new opportunities to strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities. Our annual reports provide detailed information on our mission, history, finances and our achievements since 2013.

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. We are concerned that marginalised women survivors of conflict are being failed by the Goals and are continuing to be left behind.



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