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Daniella - DRC

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My name is Daniella

Daniella has always dreamt of owning a tailoring workshop, but for years she didn't have the skills or the start-up money. Since completing our programme, Daniella has turned her dream into a reality.

Before joining the Women for Women International's Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme, I used to work in the fields every day. Most days I started work at 5am and returned home at 3pm. But the only time I could generate some income was at harvest time, which is only twice a year. Life was not easy at all.

As a farmer, I could not support myself – I could only cover my basic needs. I knew it would be almost impossible to reach my dream of opening a tailoring workshop to generate enough income to allow me to move out of my current family home, into my own house.

I always dreamt of having my own tailoring workshop.

I heard about Women for Women International from other women in our community who were part of the training programme. I saw how their lives changed, and these changes inspired me to join.

After obtaining my certificate from Women for Women International, I started practicing what I learned from the programme - tailoring.

I rent a space with a group of women I met in training and we work doing tailoring. I am also involved in a savings group which we formed during the programme.

Through my participation in the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme, I have more friends to share my personal problems with. There are members of my group who I consider as sisters. Whenever I have a problem or when they have a problem, we meet outside our regular meetings, in private, to discuss and support each other. When I gave birth, they came to the maternity ward to visit me and helped me pay the transport home.

My future is assured because I have just opened my tailoring workshop last month and started applying the knowledge gained from both vocational training and in the participants’ support group. I have started generating some revenue which is helping me to feed my family.

I believe in a bright future.

Now, I am achieving one objective which is to own a tailoring workshop, and I will keep working hard to increase my income revenue. Also, I hope one day to be a trainer and to inspire other women in the community.


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Support a woman survivor of war through our year-long Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme. Your solidarity will help her use her voice, realise her power and rebuild her life.

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