Act With Afghan Women

As Afghanistan grapples with the worst humanitarian and economic crisis in its history, women need us to stand with them now more than ever. 

Your support today can help them through an uncertain tomorrow.  

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24 million

Afghans need vital resources and 97% of the population is living well below the poverty line. 


of the women we spoke to said that they experienced restrictions on their freedom.


is the number of women we've reached in Afghanistan since 2002.

Women for Women International is a global organisation dedicated to serving women survivors of war and conflict.

Through our programmes, women learn the skills they need to rebuild their families and communities.  

We have operated in Afghanistan since 2002, serving over 127,000 women– and we are here to stay.  

You can stand with Afghan women today.

Your donation supports

Famine Relief

Your donation could provide poultry kits, cash transfers, and psycho-social support for Afghan women who cannot leave their homes. 

Vocational Skills

Women in our programme will learn a vocation – such as tailoring or animal husbandry – to become financially self-sufficient. 

Programme Expansion

We’ve reached more than 127,000 women in Afghanistan to date and will use your gift to expand our programmes and serve even more women in 2023 and beyond. 

Hear from Afghan Women

"It feels very painful when our children ask for food and we don’t have anything to feed them."

"We cannot go to school, we cannot speak freely, we cannot go to work to earn money and live our life as women do in other countries."

"Thank you for thinking of us and not forgetting us in our critical times."

Act with Afghan Women Today

Women wearing burqas.
In early May, the burqa mandate was reintroduced, forcing women to cover themselves from head to toe in public. Photo: Hossein Fatemi


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In the last year, Afghan women have experienced devastating rollbacks of their human rights. 

Actions from the international community such as broad sanctions have compounded the harm to Afghan women,  their families and communities.  

The international community needs to change course on Afghanistan. Now.  Add your name to our petition.  


Become a Power Up Club member before midnight on 31st August and we will send you a free copy of Dancing in the Mosque by Afghan author and activist Dr. Homeira Qaderi. You will also receive a free ticket to join the live Q&A with Dr. Qaderi on 9th August. 

Learn more and raise the voices of Afghan Women by sharing their stories

We've compiled a list of books, blogs, podcasts, (and more!) so you can hear directly from Afghan women and learn about their inspirational and courageous stories. 




I was very disappointed and stressed when the new government (in Afghanistan) took over because it was so hard for me to enrol in this programme, and suddenly I couldn't learn anything, but when I heard about the resuming of the programme, I was very happy.

Latifa Faqirzada worked for Women for Women International - Afghanistan for nearly four years. With the help of the UK government, she left Kabul in August 2021 during the final days of the US/UK troop withdrawal. She is currently residing in London and advocating for the women who remain in Afghanistan. This blog is her personal story.




Being in the programme, I enjoyed having the space to connect with other women in the skill-building and social empowerment classes. I was learning things that I never imagined I would have the opportunity to learn in my life.  

Situational assessment and recommended actions based on the perspectives and experiences of Afghan women. Hear directly from Afghan women about their challenges and hopes for the future.

The photographs published on this page were taken before the Burqa mandate.