Sign the petition: support Afghan women

“We are asking for our basic rights but no one is advocating for our rights or hearing our voices” 

Afghan women are fighting for their futures. Join now to support them.  

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Sign the petition: support Afghan women

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Act With Afghan Women

In the last year Afghanistan has plunged into political, social, and economic crisis. 

Women for Women International is calling on governments and policymakers ahead of the September United Nations General Assembly to support Afghan women as they lead the fight for their rights and try to rebuild their shattered communities.  

Sign the petition to #ActWithAfghanWomen demanding:

1. In addition to immediate aid, longer-term funding to women-led initiatives for Afghan women to re-enter the workforce.  

2. Education for ALL Afghan women and girls to help give them the opportunities they deserve.

3. Afghans to be allowed to access their personal, private funds as an urgent priority. 

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Help make sure Afghan women’s voices are heard.


It is a frightening situation in Afghanistan. Women are starving and have lost access to their hard-earned rights, education, and jobs. Urgent action is needed.

Donate today to support women in Afghanistan and other places affected by war.

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Latifa Faqirzada worked for Women for Women International - Afghanistan for nearly four years. With the help of the UK government, she left Kabul in August 2021 during the final days of the US/UK troop withdrawal. She is currently residing in London and advocating for the women who remain in Afghanistan. This blog is her personal story.


Situational assessment and recommended actions based on the perspectives and experiences of Afghan women. Hear directly from Afghan women about their challenges and hopes for the future.



I was very disappointed and stressed when the new government (in Afghanistan) took over because it was so hard for me to enrol in this programme, and suddenly I couldn't learn anything, but when I heard about the resuming of the programme, I was very happy.

Photos: Women for Women International, Afghanistan, 2017. Photo Credit: Rada Akbar.