Afghan Women in Crisis

Women’s lives have completely changed in the past year in Afghanistan. Millions are starving and have lost access to their hard-earned rights, education, and jobs. Urgent action is needed.

Donate today to support women in Afghanistan and other places affected by war.

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Monthly donations are key to sustainable change

Be a source of stability for women in the midst of chaos

Make a monthly commitment of £7 or more and you will also become a member of our Power Up Club. Join before month end and get a free copy of Dancing in the Mosque by Afghan author and activist Dr. Homeira Qaderi.

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85p of every £1 we spend goes directly to support women survivors of war. 15p helps to fund essential running costs.

Your Donation Supports

	Afghanistan Numeracy Class - Credit Rada Akbar.

Famine Relief

Your donation will provide poultry kits, cash transfers, and psycho-social support for Afghan women who cannot leave their homes. 

Vocational Skills

Women in our programme will learn a vocation – such as tailoring or animal husbandry – to become financially self-sufficient.

Programme Expansion

We’ve reached more than 127,000 women in Afghanistan to date and will use your gift to expand our programs and serve even more women in 2023 and beyond. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Why donate to Women for Women International?

For over 25 years, Women for Women International has been serving women survivors of war. Since 2002, we’ve reached more than 127,000 women in five provinces in Afghanistan and are continuing to expand our reach. We are one of the few organisations providing direct services to Afghan women. 

Women for Women International has developed a programme that offers women a constructive, dignified way to discover their power. They learn to defend their rights, lead mentally and physically healthy lives, influence decisions at home, generate income, and save money for the future. 

We are also proud that our country staff are from the same communities as the women we serve and are respected as local leaders. They are knowledgeable about the challenges women face as well as the opportunities to make real and lasting change. 

Why make a monthly gift? 

Monthly gifts are a lifeline. They are also the most efficient way to support women in need because more of your donation goes directly to our programmes rather than administrative costs. Our monthly supporters make it possible for our organisation to pivot when the needs of women change – exactly as they did in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.