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Since 1997, Women for Women International - Rwanda has reached more than 79,000 women through our work.

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From rural villages to the national parliament where women hold two-thirds of the seats, women in Rwanda are leading the rebuilding of their country. In the aftermath of the devastating 1994 Genocide, the challenge of creating a lasting peace depended greatly on the actions of women, who were the majority of survivors.

About the women we work with in Rwanda


of women in the programme have some primary school education


is the median age of women in the programme


of women in the programme are married

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Our work in Rwanda

In Rwanda, we offer our year-long training programme for women, as well as specialised vocational training to cooperatives formed by programme graduates. The Urugo Women’s Opportunity Centre in Kayonza is an innovative space with a training farm, classrooms and workshops for women to practise their skills.

It feels amazing to finally have all the things I couldn't afford in the past and to be part of a group.

Meet Nadine, a graduate of our programme in Rwanda. 

Women for Women International - Rwanda programme

Grace's story

Women like Grace have forged a new path

"I was alone and had to take care of the children who were all very young at the time. I couldn’t imagine them growing without their father around. He was the one who provided for them."

Women for Women International - Rwanda programme
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Our impact

From helping women to earn more money to huge increases in family planning practices, with your help, we've made a huge impact.

Creating a ripple effect

Change a woman's life by becoming a sponsor sister Your gift of £22 a month can help a women survivor of war transform her life.

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We are working with women in Iraq to help them overcome severe emotional trauma, teach them about their rights, acquire new business and vocational skills, and form networks for support and advocacy.

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Our Work in DRC


Since 2004, Women for Women International - Democratic Republic of Congo has served more than 106,000 women through our year-long programme in eastern Congo's North and South Kivu provinces.

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Democratic Republic of Congo

Since 2000, Women for Women International - Nigeria has reached more than 79,500 women through our work in Enugu and Plateau states.

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