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Women for Women International's ambassadors play a key role in helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. Ambassadors use their platform to raise the voices of the women we serve and shine a light on the issues faced by women in some of the world's most dangerous places.

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Sophie Turner

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Sophie Turner.
Photo: Women for Women International

Sophie Turner

On International Women's Day 2017, Sophie Turner announced a new role as Ambassador of Women for Women International. Through her experience researching and filming the harrowing scenes of rape and abuse in her role as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, Sophie decided she wanted to use her profile to help survivors of sexual violence. Sophie contacted Women for Women International and was invited on a field trip to Rwanda, where women are still dealing with the aftermath of the 1994 genocide. During this time, over 1 million people were killed and the UN estimates that up to 500,000 women were systematically raped during the 100 days of violence.


Join Sophie in using your power to change the world for women everywhere

The challenges facing women are great, but our power is undeniable. When you use your own power, you can change anything. When we use our power together, we can change everything.

Sophie's Visit to Rwanda

On the visit, Sophie saw firsthand how Women for Women International helps women survivors of conflict not just survive but thrive.

Why I support Women for Women International

"I met so many incredible women on this trip. To name a few; Grace, a single mother of five who, through the saving skills she learnt at the women’s opportunity centre, has been able to provide for her kids and buy two cows. There was also Judith, a women who runs her own textiles business making clothes and also teaching other women the same skills that she had developed."

The women I met in Rwanda have inspired me in so many ways.

Sophie Turner