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Since 2000, Women for Women International – Nigeria has reached more than 68,000 women through our work in Enugu and Plateau states.

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Country Profile - Nigeria

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With limited access to health services and education, patriarchal norms, and mounting violence, Nigerian women struggle to gain economic opportunities and equality. Common discriminatory practices, amplified by extremist groups, subject women and girls to dangers, including forced early marriage and the possibility they will face violence for going to school.

About the women we work with in Nigeria


Average number of children women care for


Average net daily earnings at enrollment.


Percent of women who have no formal education
Women for Women International - Nigeria programme participant
Photo: Women for Women International

Our Work In Nigeria

With your help, the Women for Women International – Nigeria team provides our year-long training programme for women, as well as programmes to engage men.

Since 2000, Women for Women International – Nigeria has served more than 68,000 women through our year-long programme in the Enugu and Plateau states.

Zainab's story

"During the sessions on decision-making and women’s rights, my eyes were opened. It made me appreciate myself more as a human being."

Photo: Monilekan

Our impact

From helping women to earn more money to huge increases in family planning practices, with your help, we've made a huge impact.

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Your monthly gift of £22 will give a woman access to the tools, resources and networks she needs to transform her life.

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Our Work in DRC


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