Since 2004, Women for Women International – Democratic Republic of Congo has reached more than 98,000 women through our work in eastern Congo's North and South Kivu provinces.

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Country Profile - DRC

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Women and girls suffer disproportionately from high rates of violence and extreme poverty during times of conflict. Nowhere is this truer than in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which has grappled with wars, civil strife, and multiple rebellions since 1996.

About the women we work with in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Average number of children women care for


Average net daily earnings at enrollment


Percent of women who have no formal education
Programme participants in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Photo: Alison Wright

Our work in the DRC

While peace has been re-established in most of the country, women and girls, particularly in Congo's eastern provinces, still suffer gender-based violence. The use of rape and sexual assault to terrorise them, their families, and their communities continues. Exacerbated by the culture of impunity, violence against women and girls is pervasive and extends beyond armed groups to all of society.

Programme participants in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Photo: Alison Wright

Our impact

From helping women to earn more money to huge increases in family planning practices, with your help, we've made a huge impact.



Women like Claudine have forged a new path

"I know that I should take courage because I survived a hard situation. It was hard but now I’m here."

Land rights

Despite women’s crucial role in agriculture, rural development and ensuring families are fed, women in the Democratic Republic of Congo are consistently discriminated against in accessing, owning and making decisions around land.

Creating a ripple effect

Your monthly gift of £22 could support a woman with skills to support her family and create sustainable change.

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