Between 1999 and 2016, Women for Women International - Kosovo has reached more than 33,000 women through our work.

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Country Profile - Kosovo

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Women in Kosovo struggle for economic and social equality in a patriarchal society that offers limited job opportunities. During the Kosovo War in 1999, an estimated 20,000 Kosovar women were subjected to systematic rape. In the years following, rates of sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex trafficking have remained high.

About the women we work with in Kosovo


Average number of children women care for


Percent of women who have no formal education


Average daily income at enrolment
Photo: Alison Baskerville
Photo: Alison Baskerville

Our work in Kosovo

In 2017, our Kosovo country office transitioned to Kosova - Women for Women, a locally registered, independent organisation affiliated to Women for Women International. The Kosova - Women for Women team continue to provide the year-long training programme as well as offering advanced training to graduates.

Photo: Alison Baskerville

Remzije's Story

"Joining the Women for Women International programme was the biggest change in my life. I was convinced that I was alone, the only person who had experienced such difficulties."

Programme graduates from Kosovo with a range of freshly baked breads. Photo: Simon Wheeler
Programme graduates from Kosovo with a range of freshly baked breads. Photo: Simon Wheeler

Our impact

From helping women to earn more money to huge increases in family planning practices, with your help, we've made a huge impact.

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