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International Women's Day Commitment

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We all have the #PowerToChange

When we use our power together, we can change everything

Women have the power to change the world. We see it every day. In the face of inequality and conflict, the women survivors of war we work with rise up and transform not only their own lives but their whole communities.

They have the #PowerToChange, and so do you!

This Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we want to highlight the power of women around the world and give you opportunities to get involved in activities that will help you get inspired by change-makers around the world. Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, we call on the international community to invest in women in fragile and conflict-affected areas - because they are the key to a peaceful future.

Each of us can make a difference, in big and small ways. Only by listening to women and recognising their enormous potential can we live up to our global responsibility to build a more peaceful and equal world. 

The feeling of helplessness is understandable – yet within each of us there is a spark that can help light a flame of hope. With every positive action (big or small), with every kind word shared, we can make a difference. 

No matter how dark the night may seem, we all have this power. Add your name to the pledge to commit to using your #PowerToChange today.

The Power to Change Our World

When we seize our power
we speak with strength
we reclaim our rights
to protect and liberate one another
to rebuild a world that’s just
and spark a flame to power change.

Commit to your part
big or small
stand up for women’s rights
speak out against sexism
break down regressive, repressive social norms
share your story
support every woman
anywhere, everywhere.

Together, we will rebuild a world that’s just
And spark a flame to power change.

Together, we will harness the power of women
for women. 

Commit to using your #PowerToChange

Add your name to the pledge

Do you commit to harnessing your #PowerToChange our world - to make it more equal, peaceful and prosperous for women everywhere? Join us!

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Get involved in Women's History Month

If you asked someone to name a famous woman from modern history, who do you think they would say? Here at Women for Women International, we want to celebrate the lesser known women who used their #PowerToChange history. Learn about the incredible impact of women you might not have heard of with our Women’s History Month blog.


Feed your mind this Women's History Month with books from women writers. Their powerful words and stories honour women throughout history and across the globe - their lives, experiences and courage to drive change.