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"The programme has picked me up from the dust and placed me on a pedestal of hope and economic strength. It has enhanced my life beyond my wildest dreams and I am so grateful,” shares Naomi, a graduate of our year-long programme in Nigeria.

Update on Afghanistan

Please note that we are currently not matching sponsors with sisters in Afghanistan, but you can still sponsor and be matched with a sister in another country, where need is still great. 

Right now, our resilient team is safe. They are very sad, but resolute, and have been sheltering in place. We don’t know what the days ahead will bring, but we are so proud of them and the work they do serving women and their families across the country.

While we had been continuing program operations, even in Taliban influenced areas up until Sunday, we have now paused all our programmes in Afghanistan for a minimum of a week so that we can assess the ever-changing situation and provide the maximum amount of security to our staff and the women we serve. Our team is still confident that given our history of working with community and religious leaders across the spectrum, of engaging men as well as women, that we will be able to continue to serve our participants and their families safely.

This means that we will not be matching sponsors with sisters in Afghanistan. You can still donate and support our team in Afghanistan in finding practical, safe, solutions so that we can continue to operate and make a positive difference for the people of Afghanistan who have already suffered far too much and who deserve peace and prosperity.



We have resumed in-person training!

Last year, we suspended in-person training in all the countries where we work to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. National lockdowns have now been officially eased in most countries, allowing us to restart classes in a COVID-safe way. 

Thanks to our sponsors, we’re delighted to be enrolling women into our year-long programme again. Your support has helped, our country office teams to adapt and innovate in response to COVID-19 in their local context. Learn more about how we're delivering training and services during the pandemic. Learn more about how we're delivering training and services during the pandemic.

How you’ll transform a life




Your sister will learn a vocational skill that’s proven to earn an income in her local market, such as tailoring, brickmaking or agriculture. She will also learn business skills like book-keeping and budgeting, to help her use this vocational skill to earn money to support her family.

In 2018, participants increased their average daily income from $0.81 at enrolment to $2.12 at graduation



Women have fundamental rights: to vote, to own land, to divorce, and to inherit property. Your sister will gain knowledge of her rights, as well as learning about gender equality and laws that protect her from violence and discrimination.

In 2018, women’s knowledge of their rights increased from 62% at enrolment to 77% at graduation.



Women cannot be active members of their communities if they are not physically and mentally well. Your sister will learn about topics including hygiene and disease prevention, family planning, coping with stress and the importance of nutrition for herself and her family.

 Last year on average, women’s involvement in decisions about whether to have another child increased from 47% at enrolment to 84% at graduation.



War and conflict leave women deeply isolated, feeling unsafe to leave their homes and without a safe place to meet other women who have experienced the horrors of war. Your sister will join a class of 24 other women like her. She will make friends, regain her confidence and build a support system.

Over the course of the year, your sister will also receive support from a friend that she has never met – you!

How it works

Make a one-of-a-kind connection with a woman survivor of war


We hope to be able to match you with your new sister in 4-6 weeks. However, this may take slightly longer due to the changing COVID-19 health situation and local restrictions. We will let you know as soon as you are matched, at which point you will be able to access our supporter area to view your sister’s details.


As soon as we can safely reopen our office, we will send you a welcome pack, containing information about your sister and the country she is from. As your sister proceeds through the training programme, we will also send you quarterly updates via email about her progress and what she has been learning.


Form a friendship that transcends continents by writing messages of support and encouragement to your sister via your online supporter area. The women we serve deeply value this connection and treasure these words – for some, these messages can be an emotional lifeline.
Faith Mathew reading letter
Faith, a Women for Women International participant from Nigeria reading a letter from her sponsor. Photo: Monilekan

Thank you so much for supporting me. I want to help others in the future, the way you have helped me.

Faith, Women for Women International programme graduate, Nigeria

What our sponsors say

Be Inspired By Our Amazing sponsors

By sponsoring a sister, I can make an impact on her and through her, her community.


learn more about the impact of your sponsorship

How Sponsoring A Woman Survivor of War Changed My Life

"Building a personal connection with my sponsor sister, Amela, became a source of strength for me." Our Executive Director, Brita Fernandez Schmidt shares the story of meeting her first sponsor sister and the very real impact of our programme.


Celebrating Graduation Day in the DRC

600 of our programme participants in the DRC have graduated from our 12-month social and economic empowerment programme. It was a chance for our programme graduates to reflect on their journey and share their achievements with their classmates, families and wider communities.


My Name is Cinama

After graduating from our 12 month programme in the Democractic Republic of Congo, Cinama went on to start her own brickmaking business. She now shares her knowledge with other women and is looked up to as a role model.