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We all are connected around the world - Messages of Hope from Iraq

How does one flame transform the darkness? By sharing her light with the others around her.

We see that transformation happen in the connections that women in our global community forge with one another. From across the world, women in the Iraq signature programme were inspired by the messages of hope sent by our sisters in the Nigeria programme. They, too, wanted to share their own experiences of finding strength and resilience despite this difficult pandemic.

You – across the world – are also part of that light. As you will see from many of these messages, the support women receive from the global sisterhood has prepared them for crisis. Though emergency changes to the programme and suspension of trainings make it difficult to collect and share letters, we still believe that connections are how we create hope together.



“I have always believed in myself and was a confident person, but I didn’t have a lot of knowledge and information because I was always at home, I was always tired and become angry very easily. After I joined this programme, my level of knowledge increased. I learned how to defend my rights, solve my problems, support my family when we are facing a problem. I learned how to negotiate. I also learned how to save money.”


But the most important thing I took away from this programme is making friends. I hope that you will pass this difficult time soon. I know you are brave, and the world shall be free from this virus soon. I believe with programmes like this the future will be better because it empowers women to depend on and develop themselves.

- Sandi


“I am wishing you good health and hopefully your country will be free of coronavirus soon and your normal life will resume. So far I have learned a lot form the classes including valuing and respecting each other, it gave me a chance to be able to get out of my house, the lockdown has been difficult on me to be away from my friends and the wonderful trainers.” 


“Thank you so much for supporting me, during the lockdown I was making flowers for cloth decoration. I am very happy because I am a participant in this programme. I am wishing you never ending happiness because you make us happy.” 


“Before this programme my life was staying at home, looking after my husband and children. I had very limited social connections, but after joining this programme, my social network expanded, I have learned a lot of things such as how to manage household finances, save money for emergency also how to solve problems in order to keep my family a happy one. I am asking God to protect you and your family from this virus and look over you.”   

Thank you for supporting me so I can increase my self-confidence and find my strength. I have come to understand that women aren’t alone, and we aren’t weak.

- Jawahir 

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