Programme participant in sewing class in Iraq. Photo: Women for Women International

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Discover inspiring stories from women around the world and learn more about our work supporting women in countries affected by war and conflict.

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In June 2022, two members of our UK team, Preeya and Deetza, visited Nigeria to see our programme in action and hear from the women we serve. Read about their experience and the inspiring women they met there. 


As the global refugee crisis has reaches a record high, it is crucial now more than ever to understand the obstacles facing refugees. This World Refugee Week, we have put together a list of seven must-see movies that provide an insight into the refugee experience and their powerful stories of survival.


It has been 100 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. With each day that passes, more and more women are at risk of sexual violence. Olena Behnke fled from Ukraine two months ago. She now works for Women for Women International, supporting other women refugees. Read her blog as the war continues. 


As millions in Ukraine are forced to flee their homes, we must not forget about people in countries such as Afghanistan, South Sudan and Iraq who are also dealing with the effects of the war. Read about how the war in Ukraine is contributing to global hunger and leaving millions on the brink of starvation. 


Globally, femicide is the leading cause of premature deaths of women. Audrey Mugeni, a member of our global Women for Women International global team, shares her expertise on the issue - which affects women in conflict and fragile states more than anywhere else in the world. 


Following the UK Government's inquiry into extreme poverty, we set out the challenges the Government face to ensure their approach to extreme poverty meets the needs of marginalised women living in conflict-affected countries.