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Women for Women International helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives

579,287 women survivors of war reached in 17 conflict-affected countries

1 in 3 women experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime

85p of every £1 we raise supports women survivors of war

How you can help

By fundraising for Women for Women International, you can make a real difference for women survivors of war. Your efforts will help women in our programmes to rebuild their lives and inspire hope for the future.

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Give a one-off gift or set up a monthly donation to support women survivors of war and conflict to rebuild their lives.

Learn more about how you can join the range of companies and businesses committed to transforming the lives of women survivors of war.

Afghanistan ranks worst of 177 countries in terms of the status of women according to this year's Women, Peace and Security Index. Photo: Rada Akbar


New Report: "Lost in consultation"

"Lost in Consultation" uncovers the significant deficit in the international community’s commitment to upholding Afghan women’s rights, as the United Nations fails to include women at the meeting on Afghanistan hosted in Doha.

Compiled from responses of 213 women-led organisations across Afghanistan, this report sheds light on the urgent need for accountability and transparency.

Grace runs a business selling reusable period products to women in her community. Photo credit: Women for Women International
Grace runs a business selling reusable period products to women in her community. Photo credit: Women for Women International


Grace's story

"Improving menstrual hygiene in my community is a significant achievement for me."

Find out how Grace was able to launch a successful business that generates a steady income while addressing period poverty within her community.

Palestine Emergency

Support families with life-saving: 

💧Water and food

💊 Hygiene kits and antibiotics

👕 Clothes and blankets

Blogs and updates

27 February 2024 | TNM

Iryna Andreeva, Director of our partner organisation, The Andreev Family Foundation, reflected on two years of war in Ukraine. She spoke to TNM about how her charity is responding to the impact of violence on women at the hands of Russian soldiers by offering counselling to victims of conflict-related sexual violence. Warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual violence.

The amount of forcibly displaced people has reached a staggering number—over 114 million according to UNHCR—and the number only continues to increase. This World Refugee Day, learn about the state of refugees today.


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Our Story


Since our origins during the Bosnian War in 1993, Women for Women International has reached 579,287 marginalised women in 17 conflict-affected countries.

When war and insecurity take hold, women bear the heaviest burden of violence, poverty and inequality. Learn more about why supporting women survivors of war is so important.



Read the stories of the incredible women survivors of war that Women for Women International supports.

Meet courageous women from countries affected by conflict



"Culturally, as a widow, it was expected of me to withdraw from public life and rely on the support of my extended family. However, I was determined to take a different path to provide for my children."

Read Sohaila's story of strength and defiance.

Marie Jeanne


The involvement of women in decision-making processes is essential for a balanced and equitable society. However, men are in control of the processes in Marie Jeanne’s community. Read about how she has fought for women’s voices to be heard in community gatherings, and dared to challenge other injustices too. #SheDares to speak up on behalf of all the women in her community.



Mariam* has been working with us to document the deteriorating situation in Gaza. While living through the horrors of war herself, she dares to lift the stories of other Palestinian women.