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Women for Women International's ambassadors play a key role in helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. Ambassadors use their platform to raise the voices of the women we serve and shine a light on the issues faced by women in some of the world's most dangerous places.

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Basma Khalifa

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Basma Khalifa

Basma Khalifa is a Sudanese multi-disciplinary creative currently living in London and raised in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Across all her creative outlets from her work as a Director, Filmmaker and writer, Basma speaks to cultures, heritage, and sectors within society which she feels mould our future. Her work seeks to empower creatives and encourage others to explore their identity. Basma is well known for fronting her BBC3 documentary ‘Inside the real Saudi Arabia…and Why I had to Leave’ which reached an audience of over 15 million worldwide and earned her a nomination for best newcomer at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Basma has featured on various outlets such as BBC News, CNN, Sky News, ITV News and has written for outlets such as The Independent, Stylist, The Guardian and The Times. Basma has directed campaigns for brands such as Facebook/Instagram, Apple, BBC reels and Visit California. She has also recently finished wrapping her first self-shot documentary in Egypt and starred in the recent Clarks Originals campaign promoting diverse storytelling and finding your unique voice. Basma regularly consults with brands on diversity and inclusion. 

Women for Women International speaks to me on so many levels but most importantly to my heritage and African roots. To be part of an organisation committed to changing the lives of women across the continent fills me with so much pride.

Basma Khalifa
Basma Khalifa_Car Boot Sale
Basma Khalifa at the 2019 #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale. Photo: Alison Baskerville

#SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale 2022

In May 2022, Basma took over our Instagram at our annual #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale which saw over 1,500 shoppers explore 25 fashion and beauty boots. 

Over £240,000 was raised towards our work supporting women survivors of war.