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Kiran Kaur

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Kiran Kaur

Kiran is the co-founder and CEO of GirlDreamer, an organisation who deliver empowerment to women of colour.

After deciding not to go to university Kiran decided that she wanted to contribute to the betterment of the next generation of girls and teamed up with Amna during her gap year. She then volunteered in secondary schools across inner-city Birmingham, where she created an after-school female empowerment club that led her to teach herself business skills and set up GirlDreamer in 2016.

She has created Birmingham's first regular female empowerment social nights, has been featured on ITV News and BBC Asian Network, and is working with charities and corporates alike to bridge the gap between local communities and organisations, creating more inclusive access to opportunities which will strengthen society as a whole.

Just because they don't expect you to see you there, doesn't mean you shouldn't turn up.

Amna Akhtar
Kiran Kaur GirlDreamer
Kiran Kaur, co-founder and CEO of GirlDreamer founded the organisation for empowering millenial women of colour after deciding that she wanted to help better the next generation of girls.

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