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Join us in creating a ripple effect

Your support means the world to the women we serve

Many women survivors in conflict-ridden and war-torn societies have been uprooted from their homes and have suffered tragic losses of husbands, parents, other family members, or even their own children. Some have been raped or abused in unspeakable ways. Even after the conflict has ended, the impacts of sexual violence, poverty, widowhood, discrimination, gender inequality, or continued insecurity often persist, leading to isolation and destitution.

Yet despite all this, there is an unmistakable resiliency and sense of hope in women who survive conflicts and war, especially as they struggle to keep families together. Your support can foster their hope and empower them to forge a new path for themselves and their families.

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Women for Women International - UK holds a variety of events throughout the year. Explore our upcoming and past events.

Learn more about how you can join the range of companies and businesses committed to transforming the lives of women survivors of war.

By choosing these products, partners and ways to shop, you can change the lives of women survivors of war today!

The Leadership Circle is our senior level networking group, whose members commit to donating or raising a minimum of £5,000 per year for our work.