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She Dares

#SheDares: When Women's Rights are on the line

#SheDares is a movement to galvanise support for women survivors of war who stand up for their rights and bring change.

It’s a celebration of the bravery of all women: our friends, our families, ourselves.

Women's rights are under attack

Support courageous women survivors of war and conflict

Women’s rights are under attack across the world, whether it’s our right to speak up against injustice, choose what to wear, or decide what happens to our bodies.  

But women dare to challenge oppression with acts of defiance — even in the most difficult and dangerous circumstances. 

Join us in honouring the courage of women this Women's History Month.

International Women's Day and Women's History Month


March – designated ‘Women’s History Month’ and with International Women’s Day observed on 8th March – is a double celebration of women’s strength, resilience and achievements.

This month you can use the power of art to speak up about women’s rights by joining our #SheDares art competition, learn about experiences of women around the world, join events and more! Get started today.

Women for Women programme participant in Afghanistan.


Will you?

The cost of conflict is great, and it is women who often bear the heaviest burden. Targets for rape and sexual violence, their bodies are used as battlegrounds to terrorise and destroy communities.

When women are destroyed, it's not a women's question. It's a human question.

- Dr Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, awarded jointly with Nadia Murad for their efforts end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.

#SheDares celebrates women who dare to challenge oppression with acts of defiance — even in the most difficult and dangerous circumstances. 

And it’s a rallying cry. 

#SheDares to speak out against injustice. Will you dare to stand with her and support her bravery?

Meet the women who dare

In Afghanistan, women dare to teach where education is banned. In Ukraine, women face shame but dare to speak out about sexual violence. In Rwanda, women dare to demand a better future after years of violence. 

Marie Jeanne


The involvement of women in decision-making processes is essential for a balanced and equitable society. However, men are in control of the processes in Marie Jeanne’s community. Read about how she has fought for women’s voices to be heard in community gatherings, and dared to challenge other injustices too. #SheDares to speak up on behalf of all the women in her community.



"Culturally, as a widow, it was expected of me to withdraw from public life and rely on the support of my extended family. However, I was determined to take a different path to provide for my children."

Read Sohaila's story of strength and defiance.



Despite years of violence at the hands of her partner, Chismidi had the strength to raise and provide for her four children. After leaving the relationship behind, she regained her voice and courage. #SheDares to stand up against child trafficking, even boldly standing in front of the President to advocate for the rights of women. This is her story.



In Afghanistan, Amina* dares to stand up for women’s rights. Women have been virtually erased from public life over the past two years: banned from parks, gyms, restaurants, most jobs and education. Opposing these restrictions is incredibly dangerous, but Amina dares to keep teaching in our training centre. She braves the constant scrutiny of government authorities and she dares to spread the word that education should be the right of every woman and girl.  



When Russia invaded, Iryna had the courage to stay in Ukraine. In a bomb shelter, she met women who had been sexually abused by Russian soldiers. Iryna dedicated her charity, The Andreev Foundation, to supporting women survivors of sexual violence. Women who speak out about sexual assault often face shame and suspicion, especially in rural areas of Ukraine. Iryna dares to believe survivors, to speak out against sexual violence and demand justice – despite the risk that the perpetrators will return.



Amid violence and poverty following the Rwandan Genocide, Grace dares to build a better life. She is pursuing a large-scale business venture in a small Rwandan community, an innovative project to make footballs that captured the heart of FIFA’s President. Her idea has provided opportunities for the women in her savings group and demonstrates the power of resilience. Grace dares to overcome adversity and create positive change in her community.  

More #SheDares Stories

Women in Afghanistan have seemingly been erased from public life. The de facto government is stripping back their rights, one restriction after another. But two years since the takeover, women refuse to back down. Read about how our brave and defiant Afghan sisters are taking a stand, wielding their power and holding onto hope. 


The women we serve are all survivors of war or conflict – but far too many have survived violence against women as well. Despite the trauma, they continue to push for change. They rebuild their lives while working towards a brighter future for their children, and many become activists to drive wider, long-lasting change for their communities. In this blog we share the stories of five women, Nabintu from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mila from Ukraine and Grace, Hadiza and Joyce from Nigeria.


In 2018, Leila's village in Damascus, Syria was bombed, killing two of her children and injuring her daughter so badly that she still struggles to walk properly today. Despite their injuries, Leila and her daughter made the difficult to decision to leave their home and seek asylum in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In the face of immense grief, Leila knew that she needed to move forward for the sake of her family.



*Although the story is real, for reasons of security and privacy, we're not using Amina's real name or photograph.