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"By providing hygiene kits, we really do feel that you are thinking of us like your families." Sayeeda, Afghanistan

Thanks to your support, we are responding to the COVID-19 crisis by helping the world's most vulnerable women survive. As the current situation forces many people into isolation, our global community is committed to supporting women living in some of the world's most dangerous places. 

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The life-changing impact of your support

Your generous support helps us provide women with the accurate information and health resources they need to prevent the spread of COVID-19

From helping us organise women to sew masks and produce soap, to making our efforts to distribute hygiene kits possible, you are creating a positive impact every day. 

Your support is life-changing – and life-saving.

You are part of a ripple effect: when you support one woman she uses her knowledge to protect her family and her community. Support for the women we serve has never been more urgent, so today we are asking you to take the next step in your solidarity journey.

By setting up a monthly donation today, you are making a commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the most vulnerable women in the world.

Together we can show them that they are not alone. 


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Global sisterhood united by a commitment to support women survivors of war

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of every £1 we spend goes directly to support women survivors of war. 16p helps to fund essential running costs.

Afghanistan Numeracy Class - Credit Rada Akbar

Set up a monthly donation today

Lockdown has impacted all of our lives. However, for women survivors of war, the impact of income instability, inability to access health care and a rise in domestic violence could prove deadly.  

Your support has never been more urgently needed.

With your help, we can continue to support women in staying safe and healthy during this period of isolation — and to stand by them as they rebuild their lives afterwards.