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Host a Share Dinner

Host a Share Dinner

Share today. Your love of cooking can transform the life of a woman survivor of war.

Share today. Your love of cooking can transform the life of a woman survivor of war.

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Nothing brings us together like sitting down to share a meal. This is just as true in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kosovo, and all the countries where we work. Some of our programme participants have shared their recipes for traditional dishes with us, which inspired us to produce Share: The Cookbook.

If you and your friends collectively raise £264, then you will be able to sponsor a woman survivor of war through our 12-month training programme, through which she will gain access to the skills, knowledge and resources she needs to rebuild her life and support her family.   

The Share Toolkit includes sample recipes from the cookbook, advice on planning your event, a downloadable invitation card and information on how the money you raise will impact the women we work with to share with your guests.

Nothing more beautifully conveys our interdependence than the food we eat. Access to wholesome food is critical to whether we merely survive...or thrive. Food builds our physical resilience, brings us joy, and strengthens our bonds with friends and family.

Meryl Streep in her Share: The Cookbook foreword
Photo: Charles Lomodong

How your love of cooking can transform a life

Get together and make an impact

We have developed a toolkit to make it easy for you to organise a lunch or dinner party for your friends, using Share: The Cookbook as an inspiration.

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