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Host a Carboutique

A new and unique way to support women survivors of war.

#SheInspiresMe Carboutique

Get together with your friends to support women survivors of war

The #SheInspiresMe Carboutique is a fundraising event much like a clothing swap or rummage sale; it's a new and unique way to support Women for Women International and an exciting way for you to empower marginalised women survivors of war. This event is a great tool for community building, you can use this opportunity to raise awareness in your community about the challenges women in the world face today.

If you and your friends collectively raise £289, you will be able to sponsor a woman survivor of war through our 12-month training programme, where she will gain access to the skills, knowledge, and resources she needs to rebuild her life and support her family.

We're here to support you every step of the way. Please contact Sylvia at with any questions about hosting your own #SheInspiresMe Carboutique.

After learning how to save money towards her goals, your sister will decide which vocational skill she would like to train in. Photo: Serrah Galos

Download your toolkit today

Your go-to planning guide

It’s easy to host your very own #SheInspiresMe Carboutique (and there’s no car required)! This planning guide will give you all the resources you need to plan a successful event.

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By choosing these products, partners and ways to shop, you can change the lives of women survivors of war today!

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Host a Share Dinner

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