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10 podcasts you should listen to

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In the era of fully accessible information surrounding our everyday lives in our countries, it is important to make sure we are tuning in to what is happening globally.

Podcasts are a helpful way to get your global news in and to keep yourself informed about specific topics that you might not see in your daily news feed.

The team at Women for Women International has compiled a short list of some of the podcast recommendations from our staff and some podcasts that we’ve been featured in!

Amika George talking to Emma Gannon about the FreePeriods campaign at Women for Women International’s #SheInspiresMe Live Feminist Festival in 2018.

Team Podcast Recommendations


1. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
This podcast by Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye) explores different topics each week that he wants to know more about. He brings on experts and engages in fascinating dialogues that are fun, captivating, and easy to listen to.

Our staff recommends: How is the U.S. Funding the War on Yemen? with Sheba Crocker

2. Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes
This podcast covers a wide range of current global issues that affect the lives of so many people and provides insightful context and nuance to topics that are often oversimplified or misunderstood Chris Hayes hears from incredible writers, experts, and thinkers on the root causes of these issues.

Our staff recommends: Women, Rage, and Power with Rebecca Traister and America’s Role in the World’s Worst Crisis with Shireen Al-Adeimi

3. Rough Translation
This podcast focuses on how stories and issues are discussed across the globe to show listeners different perspectives – and inspire more nuanced understanding of issues. It is one of the best ways to dive into those challenges and leave the listener with no clear path forward, just lots of new challenges to consider.

Our staff recommends: The Congo We Listen To

Podcasts We're featured in


4. Global Dispatches
In Episode #148, Laurie Adams, President and CEO of Women for Women International shares the role of activism in international development and advice on becoming a professional activist.

This weekly podcast covers world affairs, often interviewing people who are deeply involved in the issues. In less than 45 minutes, you’ll hear directly from interesting people on the latest international topics.

5. Ctrl Alt Delete
In Episode #137, Amika George: On Being A Teen Activist, Emma Gannon discusses what it’s like being a teen activist with Amika George, founder of the Free Periods campaign.

The episode was recorded at #SheInspiresMe Live, a feminist festival put on by Women for Women International.

6. The Good Life Well Lived
In Episode #37, How Women Can Help Women and Change the World, Nicola Semple is joined by Women for Women International – UK Managing Director, Shivonne Graham, who shares insight into our work and the lessons we all can learn from the incredible women we serve.

7. On the Line
In Episode, Plant-Based Living with Niomi Smart, Estee Lalonde sits with Women for Women International Ambassador Niomi Smart to talk about wellbeing and the importance of women coming together.

Niomi also highlights her trip to visit Women for Women International’s work in Rwanda!

8. Adversity to Advantage
In Episode #18, Turn your Fear into Fierce, Petra Velzeboer talks with Women for Women International – UK Executive Director, Brita Fernandez Schmidt about her story surrounding her involvement with Women for Women International and how she got where she is today.

9. Follow the Data
In Episode #17, Rwandan Women Rebuilding Their Lives – Brick by Brick, Verna Eggleston, who leads Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Women’s Economic Development programme, enters a conversation with Joy Rwamwenge, Director of the Women’s Opportunity Centre in Kayonza, Rwanda.

At the end, Laurie Adams, President and CEO of Women for Women International, shares the impact supporters have on women survivors of war.

10. We Are Women
In Episode #6, The Journey – with Gabby Logan, Viv Groskop chats with Gabby Logan, Dolly Alderton, Liana Bird, and Women for Women International – UK Executive Director Brita Fernandez Schmidt about their top tips for enjoying their journeys through life.

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