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Needle and Thread

Our champions

Meet the corporate champions that we have collaborated with to produce personalised partnerships. Our joint activity has helped our champions achieve their business goals whilst raising vital funds for our work.



Tailoring and embroidery are offered as vocational tracks for the women we serve in Afghanistan, Iraq and Rwanda. We are delighted to partner with British womenswear brand Needle & Thread, who understand the importance of these skills.

Needle & Thread have collaborated with Women for Women International Ambassador Jasmine Hemsley to create the Jasmine Hemsley x Needle & Thread Elemental collection, launching in time for International Women’s Day. The 23-piece collection is inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the ‘knowledge of life’ and the five universal elements which forms the foundations of the Ayurvedic principles; space, air, fire, water and earth. The collection focuses on using recycled materials, as part of Needle & Thread’s commitment towards a more responsibly sourced future.

Needle & Thread are proud to support Women for Women International by making a donation, which is enough to help 200 women learn tailoring as part of our year-long training programme.

Women for Women International Ambassador Jasmine Hemsley wearing the Jasmine Hemsley x Needle & Thread Elemental collection. Photo: Needle & Thread


Needle & Thread began supporting Women for Women International in 2019 by participating in the #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale. Following this, Needle & Thread celebrated Giving Tuesday by donating £10 from every purchase made on the day to women survivors of war.

Maria Gurreti Mukapfinsi, a member of the Isangano cooperative in Bumbogo, Rwanda.

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Sponsoring a sister through our programme allows her to take charge of her future. Your support will give her the opportunity to transform her life and inspire hope for the future.