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Corporate Partners

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Meet our Corporate partners

Our corporate partners play a fundamental role in helping us achieve our mission. Our partners use their platforms as a voice for the global sisterhood, engage their staff, customers and followers in our work and raise vital funds for the women we serve.

We have a range of partnership levels for various corporate partners, large and small. The benefits of partnering with Women for Women International scale with your donation but we always provide creative content and assets to showcase your support.


There are a variety of ways your business can raise vital funds to help women survivors of war rebuild their lives.


Rally and inspire your employees, followers and customers to fundraise and advocate for women survivors of war.


Use your platform to raise the voices of women survivors of war and spotlight our work.

Become a corporate partner

We work closely with businesses to create bespoke partnerships that feel right! We’re committed to partnerships that work and benefit us both. If you’re interested in helping change the lives of women survivors of war, please fill in this form

Global Partners


Read about the global companies who have committed the full force of their businesses to multi-year and multifaceted partnerships with Women for Women International.

Meet the corporate partners that we have collaborated with to produce personalised partnerships. Our joint activity has helped our partners achieve their business goals whilst raising vital funds for our work.

We are incredibly proud of each and every partnership that has helped Women for Women International enrol more women survivors of war into our year-long training programme.

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You’re In Good Hands

You’re In Good Hands


Our team has a wealth of experience and is ready to create a successful and bespoke partnership that works for us both!

Unite and Motivate Your Employees

Unite and Motivate Your Employees


Nothing builds team culture like being united behind a shared cause. Our partnership will inspire and energise your employees!

Positive Brand Building

Positive Brand Building


Put philanthropy at the heart of your business and show your network that you’re taking corporate social responsibility seriously.