The power of partnerships

We believe in the power of partnerships. Collective action is central to our advocacy approach, and we participate in, support and convene civil society networks and women’s movements to achieve commons goals at the community, national, regional and global levels.

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Policy and Advocacy Partnerships

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Projects with our Partners

We are stronger together.

That is why we work with networks and strategic partners to greater amplify the voices of the women we work with. Explore the key networks and coalitions we participate in below and some of our partnership projects like the Beyond Consultations tool and Resourcing Change.

Funded by the UK’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, our ‘Resourcing Change’ project is in partnership with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and Saferworld. Photo credit: Jenn Warren.

Resourcing Change

Resourcing change: Supporting women’s rights organisations in fragile and conflict-affected states.

Funded by the UK Government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, the ‘Resourcing Change’ project has provided 21 women’s rights organisations in Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen with an average of £35,000 each in flexible core funding, with relatively easier requirements and processes, as well as capacity and movement strengthening support.

Access to core and flexible funding - in recognition of women's rights organisations' greater knowledge and experience of their contexts - enables them to prioritise and respond to their self-identified community needs even when these change unexpectedly. We have taken the learnings from the implementation of this project and shared them with donors and decision makers to advocate for them to better support and partner with women’s rights organisations in conflict affected countries. We have also created opportunities for women’s rights organisations themselves to participate in decision making spaces and fora to share their own needs and experiences directly with donors and governments. In the UK, we work closely with the Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS UK) network to ensure that the UK Government’s policies and actions meet their commitments to marginalised women affected by conflict.

Beyond Consultations

In 2019, in partnership with the GAPS UK Netwok, we launched the Beyond Consultations Tool. The tool was developed through extensive and inclusive consultation with over 225 women and women’s rights organisations across 13 conflict-affected countries, in response to feedback that consultation exercises, most often led by governments and international organisations, tend to be extractive, tokenistic and disempowering.

Networks and Coalitions

In the UK, we work closely with the network, GAPS, to ensure that the UK Government’s policies and actions meet their commitments to marginalised women affected by conflict.



Bond is the UK's International Development network. Women for Women International is a member of Bond working closely on the implementation of the SDGs and on ODA transparency.

GADN is an influential network of UK-based NGOs and leading experts working with partners worldwide to put gender equality and women’s rights at the heart of international development.

The U.S. Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace and Security (U.S. CSWG) is a non-partisan network of over 60 civil society organizations with expertise on the impacts of conflict on women and their participation in peacebuilding.

The NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security is a consensus-based coalition of leading civil society actors currently consisting of 19 members that represent a broad spectrum of fields spanning the entire peace and security spectrum including: human rights and women’s rights, humanitarian assistance, refugees and forcibly displaced populations, international humanitarian law, disarmament, security sector reform and transformative justice.

The Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action (WPS-HA) is working to realise a world for women and girls in conflict and crisis in which financing, participation in peace processes, economic security, leadership and agency, and protection of their human rights are all possible.

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