Women for Women International's ambassadors play a key role in helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. Ambassadors use their platform to raise the voices of the women we serve and shine a light on the issues faced by women in some of the world's most dangerous places.

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Tom Burke

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Tom Burke

Tom recently starred as the lead in the STRIKE series, a BBC TV series adaptation of the crime novels written by J K Rowling under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith, in which he played the titular character, Cormoran Strike.

Tom is well-known for his role as Fredya Dolokhov in the popular BBC adaptation of Tolstoy’s WAR & PEACE, and for his portrayal of Athos in the BBC series THE MUSKETEERS. Tom is also an established stage actor.

Men need to take a hugely active role in promoting women's rights and they don't always know how to.

Tom Burke, Women for Women International Ambassador