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Women for Women International's ambassadors play a key role in helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. Ambassadors use their platform to raise the voices of the women we serve and shine a light on the issues faced by women in some of the world's most dangerous places.

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Thomasina Miers

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Thomasina Miers

Thomasina Miers is a chef and food writer. She is a former MasterChef winner and founder of the Wahaca group of Mexican restaurants.

As a successful businesswoman, Thomasina appreciates the sustainability of the Women for Women International programme, and the opportunity to support women to set up their own small businesses and help lift their community out of poverty.

Invest in one woman and see her transform her community – that’s the type of fruitful and fulfilling investment I love.

Thomasina Miers

BBC Radio 4 Appeal

On Sunday, 23rd June 2019, Thomasina will present the BBC Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of Women for Women International. Learn more about how you can tune in and get involved with the appeal.