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Our impact - Afghanistan

Our Impact in Afghanistan

Since 2002, Women for Women International - Afghanistan has served more than 120,000 women through our year-long programme.

The impact of your support

After graduation from our programme women report positive changes

Photo: Women for Women International
Photo: Women for Women International

Women earn and save money

Women report average net daily earnings of $2.05 per day at graduation, compared to $0.82 at enrolment (USD, purchasing power parity*).

Photo: Rada Akbar
Photo: Rada Akbar

Women understand and advocate for their rights

By graduation, 32% of women reported speaking out publicly against women's abuse, up from 19% at enrolment. 


Data was provided by 5,439 participants who graduated from Women for Women International's core programme between January and December 2018. This dataset only includes baseline and endline data for sampled graduates who were interviewed in both survey rounds. For data related to household decision-making, women whose responses were recorded as “N/A” are excluded from sample.

Purchasing power parities (PPPs) are the rates of currency conversion that equalise the purchasing power of different currencies by eliminating the differences in price levels between countries.

Photo Credit: Rada Akbar

Zarghuna's Story

"One of my friends told me about Women for Women International and how it provided training for women. That’s when I learned that I wasn’t alone in my suffering."