Ukraine: Two Years of War

On Wednesday, 21st February 2024 we were joined by Kateryna Shukh (Vice Chair of Bereginia Mariupol's Women's Association) & Clarissa Ward (CNN Chief International Correspondent), and Sara Bowcutt (Managing Director, Women for Women International - UK).

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Ukraine Webinar: Two Years of War

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📅 Wednesday, 21st February, 6pm GMT | 1pm EST

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A conversation about the impact of Ukraine's war on women

Two years of conflict, countless headlines and women's continued hope

24th February 2024 marked two years since Russia invaded Ukraine. Two years of this war means two years of occupation and airstrikes, loss and terror, sexual violence and displacement. In addition to the approximately 6.3 million refugees remaining outside Ukraine, many in Poland, an estimated 3.6 million people are still displaced within the besieged nation. The United Nations has said that 14.3 million people will need humanitarian aid and protection in 2024.

We heard from two formidable women who have seen this war first-hand. Kateryna Shukh – Vice Chair of our partner organisation in Poland, Bereginia - Mariupol’s Women’s Association. Kateryna is a refugee from Ukraine who has dedicated her time and expertise to supporting other women who’ve crossed the border. Kateryna will be in conversation with Clarissa Ward, one of our Ambassadors and CNN’s Chief International Correspondent. Clarissa has been a leading voice reporting from on the ground in Ukraine and joins us with decades of experience reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria – to name just a few.

Kateryna and Clarissa were in conversation with Women for Women International – UK Managing Director, Sara Bowcutt.

Meet the speakers

Kateryna Shukh

Kateryna Shukh is a psychologist, project coordinator of HumanDoc Poland and the Vice President of our partner Bereginja - Mariupol's Women's Association. Having fled the war in Ukraine, Kateryna now provides support and essential resources for other Ukrainian women living in Poland.

Clarissa Ward

Clarissa Ward is CNN’s Chief International Correspondent and a Women for Women International Ambassador. In her fifteen-year career spanning Fox, CBS, and ABC, Ward has reported from the frontlines across the world. Follow her @clarissawardcnn.

Sara Bowcutt

Sara Bowcutt is the Managing Director of Women for Women International – UK, having previously served as Director of Fundraising and Marketing at the organisation. She has worked in the charity sector for nearly 20 years.



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In just a few days, the lives of millions of Ukrainian people have been shattered by the Russian invasion. You can support our response by donating to help some of the most marginalised women affected by the war in Ukraine.

In Mariupol, Olga sang pop and folk music with her group, Melody, who made it onto Ukrainian X-Factor and her husband was the Head of Mariupol’s orchestra. When war broke out, Olga made the perilous journey across the border to Poland with her son, Max, and her parents. Her husband stayed behind in Ukraine.  


It has been 100 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. With each day that passes, more and more women are at risk of sexual violence. Olena Behnke fled from Ukraine two months ago. She now works for Women for Women International, supporting other women refugees. Read her blog as the war continues.