Starting from £12 a month, you can become a Stand With Her classroom supporter. You will ensure that sisters across our programmes have the resources they need to participate and engage in their training and that our classrooms are adequately equipped. 

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Become a classroom supporter in March and receive a free tote bag. Photo: Women for Women International
Become a classroom supporter in March and receive a free tote bag. Photo: Women for Women International

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Sign up to become a classroom supporter before the end of March

Sign up to become a classroom supporter and receive a free Women for Women International tote bag to proudly show off your support for women survivors of war.

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As our classrooms progress through the programme, you'll get quarterly digital updates about the skills they're learning and the conflict-affected countries they're from.


Your monthly gift is spread across all of our classrooms, helping women to seize their power in Afghanistan, Iraq, DRC, Nigeria and South Sudan. Your support will continue year on year to ensure that women continue to have the resources they need to realise their potential.



Vocational Skills: Earning an income

Your gift helps women survivors of war learn a vocational skill such as tailoring, brickmaking or agriculture. These skills are highly prized in their local market, so they can earn a stable income and become more independent. This is supplemented with literacy and numeracy training, including bookkeeping and budgeting, which helps them build businesses to support their families.

Rights: Use her voice

Women have fundamental rights that are often overlooked. Even women themselves are often unaware of these rights. Your sisters have a right to vote, to own land, to divorce, and to inherit property. With your contributions, your sisters will learn about gender equality, their rights and the laws that protect them from violence and discrimination.

Health & Wellbeing: Better nutrition means stronger communities

If women aren't physically and mentally healthy, how can they be expected to thrive and contribute to their community? Your sisters will learn about family planning, hygiene, disease prevention, resilience and nutrition to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy.

Support Networks: A community of women learning and growing together

Imagine not feeling safe enough to leave your home. Imagine not having access to friends or community spaces where you could take some comfort in sharing your collective experiences. Sisters are joined together in groups of 25, breaking the isolation caused by war and creating a space of mutual support.

Staff member speaking to a woman at enrolment day in Nigeria. Photo: Monilekan
Staff member speaking to a woman at enrolment day in Nigeria. Photo: Monilekan

how we choose programme participants

Women chosen for the programme have faced immense hardships. They've lived in extreme poverty without any stable income, are socially isolated, and impacted by conflict in at least one of the following ways: losing a loved one, surviving violence, or forced to flee their homes.

Our team interviews potential participants to understand their background, circumstances, and future plans. To ensure we reach the most marginalised women, we invest where inequality is greatest by intentionally inviting poor and vulnerable women to enrol in the programme

learn more

When war and insecurity take hold, women bear the heaviest burden of violence, poverty and inequality. Learn more about why supporting women survivors of war is so important.

Where we work


Learn more about the conflict-affected countries where we work around the world. Since our origins in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have expanded and adapted our programmes to support 553,437 women living in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Our programmes


Participants in our year-long programme work to strengthen themselves across four critical areas of social and economic empowerment.

Stand with her

Become a classroom supporter from just £12 a month and follow along as the women you're supporting gain knowledge and skills that will help them transform their lives.