Since we launched the #MessageToMySister campaign, we have seen the impact your messages of support have on the women we serve. Thousands of you have sent in messages and joined our global movement. Photo: Sefa Nkansa


Send a message of support and solidarity to a woman survivor of war and show her she's not alone. Your personal message will be translated and delivered directly to a woman in our programme, telling her you’re standing alongside her.

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Programme participant in Rwanda with a #MessageToMySister she received from a supporter from the UK. Photo: Aiden O'Neill



Many of the women we serve have been uprooted from their homes and lost family, friends, and everyone they depended on for support. Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem thrive in isolation.

Your words of support will tell her she’s got a friend she has never met, someone who shares her hopes and believes in her abilities: to rebuild her life, open a business, give her children a brighter future.

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How it works

1. You share your #MessageToMySister

Send a message to a woman survivor of war by submitting it online via the form above.

2. Your message is translated and delivered

We will translate and deliver your #MessageToMySister to a woman taking part in our year-long programme.

3. A woman survivor of war receives your message

Your words of support and hope are shared and the power of the global sisterhood grows!

The power of sisterhood in action

Over 4,000 messages from more than 83 countries

When we first called for messages around International Women's Day 2018, we couldn't have imagined such a moving response. From schools to workplaces, our dedicated supporters, like Women for Women International's Ambassador Dame Helen Mirren, have shared incredible messages of solidarity with women survivors of war.

You can become part of this incredible ripple effect of inspiration by sending a #MessageToMySister today!

I appreciate your cards and your words. I thank you so much for your support. Thanks to Women for Women International I can now provide my children with basic school needs.



Messages of sisterhood from around the world