Women's History Month & International Women's Day

Celebrating the women who dare to make a difference with our #SheDares campaign.

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International Women's Day

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Women's History Month & International Women's Day

A month celebrating the power of women

March – designated ‘Women’s History Month’ and with International Women’s Day observed on 8th March – is a double celebration of women’s strength, resilience and achievements.

✨ Women's History Month, first celebrated in the United States in 1987, recognises women trailblazers throughout time who have helped shape history, moving the needle on women’s rights and paving the way for change-makers today.

✨ International Women's Day on 8th March honours women’s social, economic, cultural and political contributions worldwide – while asking us to reflect on the progress we still need to achieve gender equality.  

Every year, Women for Women International celebrates these calendar moments together with the women we serve and our global community of supporters. In 2024, we celebrated with our #SheDares campaign, standing with women who dare to stand up when their rights are on the line and drive change in their societies – even in the world’s most dangerous places.

#SheDares Campaign

Honouring women who dare

Women’s rights are under attack across the world, whether it’s our right to speak up against injustice, choose what to wear, or decide what happens to our bodies. 

But the women survivors of war we support dare to challenge oppression with acts of defiance every day – and so can you.

#SheDares Art Competition celebrates the power of women who dare to challenge status quo. Illustration: Natalie Byrne
#SheDares Art Competition celebrates the power of women who dare to challenge status quo. Illustration: Natalie Byrne

#SheDares Art Competition

Celebrating the power of women through art

Entry to the #SheDares Art Competition has now closed. We have been so amazed by the incredible submissions we have seen. Learn more and explore the amazing art work created by our supporters.

Free #SheDares colouring page by artist Natalie Byrne.
Free #SheDares colouring page by artist Natalie Byrne. Photo: Women for Women International

#SheDares Craft & Chill

Celebrate the power of women with art

Get creative with your colleagues, school or friends and family! Download our toolkit to organise a fun activity and make art celebrating all women who dare to create change. 

The toolkit includes a free feminist colouring page, great for both adults and children!

Women for Women International Women's History Month Calendar. Illustration by Natalie Byrne

Women's History Month Calendar

Actions and resources for every day of March

📅Our free Women's History Month calendar included:

  • events
  • inspiring resources
  • actions you can take to make the world better for women everywhere.
Every #SheDares bracelet has been lovingly handcrafted by our programme participants in Rwanda.
Every #SheDares bracelet has been lovingly handcrafted by our programme participants in Rwanda.



Join the #SheDares global movement by supporting courageous women survivors of war who stand up for their rights despite the risks. 

Give a one-off gift of £25 minimum and receive a limited edition #SheDares bracelet handmade by women survivors of war.

#SheDares Stories



Changing cultural norms is not an easy task, especially when you are a woman in a remote village in Nigeria. But Hadiza is a testament to women’s power and strength. #SheDares to fight for women’s rights, even when it threatens her personal safety. This is her story.



"Culturally, as a widow, it was expected of me to withdraw from public life and rely on the support of my extended family. However, I was determined to take a different path to provide for my children."

Read Sohaila's story of strength and defiance.

Marie Jeanne


The involvement of women in decision-making processes is essential for a balanced and equitable society. However, men are in control of the processes in Marie Jeanne’s community. Read about how she has fought for women’s voices to be heard in community gatherings, and dared to challenge other injustices too. #SheDares to speak up on behalf of all the women in her community.


This Women's History Month, explore new perspectives on feminism and womanhood by delving into these podcasts. From career advice to current affairs, each episode is sure to remind you of your inner power and the change we can make if only we dare challenge the status quo. 


When art an activism are brought together, they have the incredible power to overcome cultural and language barriers, allowing marginalised voices to take centre stage. Learn more about the courageous women daring to use art to challenge the status quo and drive positive change in their communities. 


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