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Make an emergency donation to support women facing the horrific consequences of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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We are devastated by the increasing number of lives lost and the suffering of women and children in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

By donating, you can help address the unmet needs of women in the West Bank, where violence is rapidly escalating and families face increasingly limited access to health and medical facilities, clean water and essential food items. 

Your gift today will help to provide cash assistance, hygiene kits, trauma-informed counselling and basic needs such as milk, food and nappies. 

We know from our 30-year history that when we invest in women survivors of war, they build more peaceful households, communities and societies, building bridges across what at the outset might appear to be impossible divides. As the situation evolves, we will continue to evaluate the needs of women across the region. 

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85p of every £1 we spend goes directly to support women survivors of war. 15p helps to fund essential running costs.