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Our impact - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our programme in Bosnia

Our Impact in Bosnia and Herzegovina

From 1993 to 2015, Women for Women International served nearly 62,000 women in Bosnia and Herzegovina across 50 communities of various ethnicities.

The women behind the news stories

Brita shares a letter from her sponsor sister in Bosnia and Herzegovina and speaks about the power of sponsorship and the resounding impact Women for Women International's work has on women's lives and their communities.

After graduation from our programme women reported positive changes in these key areas.

Photo: Women for Women International

Women earn and save money

Women report average personal income of $3.91 per day at graduation, compared to $1.12 at enrolment.

Photo: Women for Women International
Photo: Women for Women International

Women create and connect to networks for support and advocacy

More than 63% of participants report sharing information about their rights with other women at graduation, compared to 20% at enrolment.

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